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Creating a repository

This page will walk through how to create a repository using a Flood CamML code template and customize it for your project.

Flood CamML code templates#

GitHub provides a special type of repository called a "code template" that allows users to easily copy the current state of a respository.

The Flood CamML project offers two code templates that vary based on the deployment strategy:

Create a repository#

Using the links above, navigate to the code template of your choice. Once on the code template page, click the green button in the upper right labeled Use this template.

This button loads a page that will let you create a new repository using the code template. Name the new repository, add a description, and designate as a public or private repository.

Clone to your machine#

Open GitHub Desktop, click File > Clone Repository. Search for and select your newly created repository, then click the Clone button to download the repo to your computer.

Congrats! ๐ŸŽ‰ You know have all the code necessary to run a CamML app on your computer.

We'll get to customizing the app later - next step is to set up the necessary Google services.