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Meet the NC12 Flood CamML

Adam Gold

Adam Gold

Postdoctoral Researcher, UNC Institute for the Environment

Meet the NC12 Flood CamML!

The NC12 Flood CamML is a web application we created to automatically detect roadway flooding and collect flood classifications from the community along North Carolina Highway 12 (NC12).

NC12 provides access to the Outer Banks, a chain of low-lying barrier islands. Segments of NC12 are highly vulnerable to both storm and high-tide impacts, and when flooded, isolate communities from the mainland. The NC Department of Transportation maintains a series of webcams along NC12, which we utilize here!

NC12 Flood CamML Instructions#

Please help us validate our ML models to identify flooded roadways!

  • What do we mean by flooded? -- Images should be labeled "flooded" if several inches or more of water is on the roadway (typically recognizable by a sheen). Wet roadways should be classified as "not flooded".

  • What if you are not sure if the roadway is flooded, or if the image is blurred? -- If you cannot see the roadway in an image, or if you are not sure if flood waters are in the roadway or off to the side, classify the image as "not sure"